August 2022 NMFC Updates

The NMFTA has issued several NMFC changes that went into effect on August 13, 2022. 

It’s super important to communicate NMFC updates with your organization and prepare accordingly, as these changes affect your shipping class and therefore, your less-than-truckload (LTL) rates. 

What is an NMFC number? 

The NMFC is a codified list that classifies products for LTL shipments. 

It divides freight into 18 distinct classes, each assigned a number from 50 to 500. To establish a product type class, the National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. (NMFTA) looks at attributes of the product like density, handling, storability, and liability. From here, the product is assigned an NMFC number based on how easy it is to transport. 

The Commodity Classification Standards Board (CCSB) then performs routine updates to the NMFC. These reclassify products for LTL shipping up to three times per year. 

August 2022 NMFC Updates

Here are the scheduled updates that may impact consumer goods brands: 


  • NMFC 138720: Mulch, horticultural or landscaping. Item will be amended to read as noted from the current “Mulch, horticultural) with a further amendment to a single class 70 rating.  


  • NMFC 169270: This item is being amended to remove the inclusion of materials that are required to bear DOT hazardous materials placards.   


  • NMFC 196955: Item to be amended to a standard 11 sub density-driven classification, with notes 196957 and 196958 being canceled.   

Athletic Goods Group 

  • NMFC 15590: Balls, tennis. Classifications will be amended to a two sub density scale with breaks at 6 PCF.   

Electrical Equipment Group 

  • NMFC 62420: Loudspeakers or Speakers. Class will be amended to a single class 125 rating, with NMFC note 62421 being canceled as well.  
  • (Canceled) NMFC 62010: Fittings, conduit, NOI, etc. All provisions will be moved to NMFC 63160 naming Switches, Switch Boxes, Electrical Enclosures or Electrical Wiring Equipment, etc.  
  • NMFC 62640: Pads, heating, NOI, etc. Classification will be amended to a two sub density scale with breaks at 8 PCF.  

Fireplaces or Fireplace Accessory Group 

  • NMFC 69455: Guards or Screens, fireplace, glass, etc. Item will be amended from the current single class 70 rating to a three sub density-driven classification.   

Furniture Group 

  • (New) NMFC 79970: Bins, storage, revolving. Single class 250 rating 
  • (Canceled) NMFC 82340: Bins, revolving. All provisions will be moved to the newly created NMFC 79970.  
  • NMFC 81360: Kits, bed, unassembled, including Loft Bed Kits, etc. Classification will be amended to a single class 175 rating from the current single class 60 rating.  
  • (Canceled) NMFC 79085: Bins, hardware, small parts storage or tool, compartmented, steel, etc. All provisions will be moved to NMFC 82270 naming Metallic or Wooden Furniture, viz.   

Furniture Parts Group 

  • (Canceled) The following items will be canceled with all provisions moving to NMFC 82870 naming Chair or Stool Seats or Backs, NOI. This item will be further amended to a three sub density-driven classification.  
  • NMFC 82772: Backs or Seats, chair, hardboard, cut to shape, etc.  
  • NMFC 82850: Chair Seats, fiberboard, etc.  
  • NMFC 82890: Chair Seats or Backs, wood flour, chips or shavings, etc.  
  • NMFC 82900: Chair Seats or Backs, not attached to each other nor of combination construction, etc.  
  • NMFC 83440: Seats and Backs combined, chair or settee, one-piece molded plastic, etc.  
  • NMFC 83445: Seats, chair or stool, wooden, not upholstered, finished, etc.  
  • (Canceled) NMFC 82845: Chair Parts, molded paper or pulp. Provisions for Sub 1 have been deemed obsolete and outright canceled. All provisions for Sub 2 will be moved to NMFC 83270 naming Furniture Parts, NOI.   

Household Utensils Group 

  • (New) NMFC 101050: Ironing Boards or Ironing Tables, NOI. Single class 150 rating available.  
  • (Canceled) the following items will be canceled with all provisions moved to the newly created NMFC 101050: 
  • NMFC 101060: Ironing Boards, sleeve, metal or wood, etc.  
  • NMFC 101080: Ironing Boards, with legs or standards, or Ironing Boards (Ironing Stands), KD, etc.  
  • NMFC 198450: Boards, Ironing, without legs or standards, etc.  
  • NMFC 100560: Bottle Openers, NOI. Classification will be amended to a two sub density scale with breaks at 12 PCF.  

Musical Instruments, or Parts Named Group 

  • NMFC 139165: Organs, Pianos, Keyboards or Synthesizers, electric or digital. Class will be amended from the current single class 125 rating to a single class 175 rating.   

Plastic or Rubber Articles, Other Than Expanded Group 

  • (Canceled) NMFC 157213: Tire Boots, Flaps, Patches, Reliners or Shoes, NOI, etc. All provisions will be moved to NMFC 157215 with classes changing to a two sub density break.  

Stationary Group 

  • (Canceled) NMFC 179060: Markers, NOI; or Pens; ink, etc. All provisions will be moved to NMFC 179180 naming Stationary, viz.  

Why Do NMFC Updates Matter? 

Incorrectly classified orders can add up to substantial accessorial fees, which can impact your bottom line. It’s important to be aware of changes and know if a product in your supply chain will be affected. To successfully minimize disruption and control costs, the best counter to any NMFC reclassification is preparation.

Don’t Navigate NMFC Updates Alone

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