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LTL Quoting Tool

Your LTL quoting process just got easier. As a Zipline customer you gain access to our shipper intelligence portal, KanoPI. From your home screen in the platform, you can access everything from accounting paper work to analytics, and our LTL quoting tool. 

Simply enter your order information, following on-screen prompts, and receive a list of possible carrier and pricing options. Like what you see? Just submit your request and Zipline will be in touch to finalize your shipment details.

Unlike other digital LTL quoting and booking tools, we still employ a human element, helping you determine the right carrier for the job. Zipline’s intuitional knowledge of retail and grocery shipping means that we know the preferred carriers for big box facilities around the country. We pass that knowledge on to you and help you book the best carrier option for the job at hand.

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Freight Class Density Calculator

Providing proper freight class information with your LTL orders is essential. Without an accurate freight class, your shipments are subject to rework, reweigh, and reclass fees from LTL service providers. 

Use our handy freight class calculator to determine your pallet density and estimated freight class. Work with your Zipline solutions consultant to double check accuracy, as class can sometimes change due to product type.  

This is an estimated density calculation based on data entered. Depending on product type, your class may change. Call Zipline Logistics for a more accurate representation, 614-458-1144.