Shipper Intelligence Tools

Making sense of the data on each of your shipments is the best way to figure out what’s working
and what can be improved.

Built in-house and improved daily by the Zipline development team, KanoPI is our proprietary shipper intelligence tool. KanoPI provides clients with high-powered visibility and data to track shipments, create organizational alignment, and analyze logistics performance data.

Access to KanoPI comes with support and guidance using the platform by Zipline’s Retail Logistics
Solutions Consultants. See below for more information about our KanoPI’s capabilities and our
technological services.

Track and Trace Visibility & Alerts

  • Use KanoPI to track and trace each shipment through illustrative maps
  • Weather overlays and proactive alerts for potential disruptions
  • Easily share a private link with buyers and customers so they can track order status, too

Easily Breakdown & Report on Data

  • Automation of manual order entry to reduce processing time
  • Retail-driven key performance indicators for all your imperative transportation metrics
  • Advanced filtering logic to uncover actionable insights for improved logistics efficiencies and savings

Guided Consultation

  • Access to KanoPI includes guidance and data evaluation from Zipline Logistics’ solutions consultants
  • Complete transparency, with data pulled directly from Zipline Logistics’ TMS
  • Options for extreme customization based on your business goals

LTL Quoting Tool

  • Enter your order information to receive a list of possible carrier and pricing options
  • Select an option and Zipline will be in touch to finalize your shipment details.