Collect vs Prepaid Shipping to Be Debated at 2019 JOC Inland Distribution Conference

Columbus, Ohio – Zipline Logistics President and Co-Founder Andrew Lynch will speak at the 2019 JOC Inland Distribution Conference about the impacts of collect and prepaid shipping on retail compliance and transportation efficiencies. Lynch is part of an expert panel of retailers, suppliers, and service providers that will discuss the potential benefits and setbacks of each logistics strategy in today’s volatile retail market.

As e-commerce fulfillment solutions providers like Amazon continue to crowd industry incumbants, retailers have upped their delivery standards in order to prevent out-of-stocks, which give their customers an incentive to find replacements elsewhere.

To meet these rigorous delivery expectations set by retailers, vendors must build an optimized transportation network designed to hit compliance benchmarks. Panelists will discuss whether brands should tackle their own shipping needs (prepaid) or outsource the function to the retailer (collect) to accomplish this.

“In today’s retail marketplace a well-performing logistics function is a differentiator that can separate a brand from the rest of the pack.” explains Lynch. “It’s common belief that letting a retailer handle transportation is the easier and smarter choice for meeting stringent delivery requirements. But, unforeseen impacts on production, dock operations, and missed pick-up windows can negate the predicted benefits. I look forward to diving into use case examples and debating instances with fellow panelists.”

The much-anticipated breakout session will take place on Wednesday Oct. 23, 2019 from 1:45 – 2:30 p.m. at Grand Horizon E-F. Lynch will be joined by Mike Freighery VP of Supply Chain Services at American Woodmark, Larry Livingston VP of Supply Chain Logistics and Transportation at American Tire Distributors, Brent Primus CEO at Primus Law Office. The session will be moderated by Ari Ashe Associate Editor of Southeast Ports and Intermodal Rail at JOC, as well as Maritime & Trade at HIS Markit.

JOC’s Inland Distribution Conference is the must-attend conference for container shipping professionals looking for the latest cost savings strategies, best practices, forecasts and trends in the intermodal and inland distribution arena. See more information here: The JOC Inland Distribution Conference serves shippers and transportation providers who move goods within North America and from North American ports to the inland destination.

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