Report: ELD Mandate Impacts, March 2018

ELD Mandate Report Survey

Zipline Logistics conducted a survey of 100+ truck drivers to gain pointed insights about ELD impacts. This is the first in a series of reports on ELDs that the company plans to publish this year. (NOTE: October 2018 report now available here.)

On-time Deliveries

95% of respondents reported they are struggling to make deliveries on time under the Mandate, especially drivers/fleets that just recently installed equipment (less than a year before the Mandate took effect).

One of the reasons they report for struggling is too much time is being spent waiting at shippers and receivers, eating away at hours of service (HOS). Additionally, dispatchers and drivers are still learning how to comply with the new regulations while at the same time maintaining optimal efficiency.

Freight Rates Under ELDs

The results show that most carriers have had to reduce the number of miles they can drive. As a result, 71% of respondents say per mile rates have increased to make up for the lost revenue.

Safety and ELDs

While drivers are working to adjust to the “new normal,” 61% of respondents said that safety has improved. One participant added, “It is more work for the dispatch team, but less work for the safety team… drivers have better and more efficient rest time.”

Access the full report for more commentary and driver insights: