Zipline Logistics Releases Data Analysis and Freight Tracking Feature Set Enhancements for KanoPI Shipper Intelligence Platform

Freight Tracking

Columbus, OH – The digitally enabled third-party logistics (3PL) partner, Zipline Logistics, today released multiple new feature sets for its shipper intelligence platform, KanoPI. Zipline Logistics customers can now look deeper into transportation spend and performance with advanced data drilldowns and visualize freight in transit with track-and-trace capabilities.

“The enhancements to KanoPI provide our shipping partners with critical insights into their transportation network, helping to visualize the positive and negative impacts of specific operational choices,” explains TJ Lacey, Zipline Logistics’ IT Project Manager. “We are extremely excited for this release and the business value it provides to our partners.”

Data drilldowns allow users to look deeper into key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify specific cost drivers and make more informed supply chain decisions.

New data capabilities within the larger shipper intelligence platform, KanoPI, will enable shippers to answer important questions, such as:

  • Could my business cut operational costs by shipping different days of the week?

  • How many of my lanes are affected by ELDs?

  • How many shipments are fulfilled out of network?

  • Is my business experiencing reoccurring accessorial charges that could be eliminated?

  • What is the impact of lead time on my Average Cost Per Mile?

  • Year-over-year, what changes have impacted transportation spend?

  • Which customers or locations are costing the most, and why?

“Knowing the cost of transportation is the easy part,” elaborates Andrew Lynch, Zipline Logistics co-founder and President. “Identifying the ‘why’ behind costs is what’s complicated. Our new data drilldowns within KanoPI make the identification of specific cost drivers more intuitive. Armed with this information, shippers can make operational improvements that positively impact their bottom line.”

Additionally, the KanoPI update includes Zipline Logistics’ new order visibility and freight tracking tool, The Summit. The new track-and-trace platform lets Zipline customers follow the exact route their freight takes and see if orders are trending on time.

“Today’s modern shipper requires real-time order information and end-to-end shipment visibility,” explains Zipline Logistics CEO Walter Lynch. “Our new Summit tool makes the visualization of freight in transit simple, illustrative, and informative.”

The Summit directly transcribes information from Zipline’s Freight Management System (FMS) and visualizes order progression with mapping software. Both GPS location pings and personal driver check-ins are shown so users are kept abreast of all order updates.

Interested in seeing a demo of Zipline Logistics’ new shipper intelligence tools in KanoPI? Reach out to schedule a walk-through today:

About Zipline Logistics

Zipline Logistics, founded in 2007, is a digitally-enabled transportation partner that specializes exclusively in serving the food, beverage, and consumer product sectors. Managing tens of thousands of shipments annually, Zipline Logistics proudly serves clients ranging from some of the largest retail organizations in the world to the brightest up-and-coming food and beverage brands in North America.

The 3PL’s capacity procurement team utilizes a proprietary qualification process to identify and contract the highest quality providers to operate within its network. This selectively procured carrier group is leveraged, along with Zipline Logistics’ proprietary data analytics software, a retail-trained operations staff, and service-first organizational culture, to deliver the absolute best client experience in transportation.

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