Custom Transportation Programs Lead to Added Efficiencies

custom transportation programs

In the May 2018 issue of Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery, the publication shared how snack producers and bakeries are working with third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to develop custom transportation programs that help deliver products more effectively. Zipline Logistics’ Senior Business Development Representative, Jesse Juett, weighed in on new trends.

Major tactics covered include:

Technology – Acces to 3PL technologies specific to route optimization, fleet tracking, and real-time monitoring are helping bakery and snack suppliers better meet on-time delivery standards. Additionally, new advancements in data capture and analysis, electronic billing, and administrative solutions are having massive impacts, improving overall efficiencies.

Consolidation – The issue of retailers purchasing more frequently in smaller quantities remains, forcing use of LTL. This mode is not ideal for bakery shippers because they require absolute freshness and no delays. So, many are working with 3PLs to build custom consolidation and multi-drop programs that help eliminate LTL moves.

Intermodal – Rail is also being leveraged more and more, but major hubs are getting backed up. Other strategies should be considered, or shippers must ensure all factors line up appropriately. Juett shares that, “to be successful it’s important that product can be consistently ready, and a longer haul lane is established as being a dependable and viable, lower-cost option compared to over-the-road transportation.”

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