What Makes Zipline Logistics One of the Top Places to Work in Columbus?

In 2019 Zipline Logistics earned numerous awards for its outstanding company culture — a definitive attribute that consistently makes it one of the top places to work in Columbus.

Sticking to its mission set in 2007 – to improve the lives of transportation professionals – it has solidified its spot as a best place to work in Columbus.

Expanding to over 70 employees, the company is intentional with business growth, committed to maintaining its culture along the way.

Leadership knows workplace environment and employee engagement are central tenants to business success and actively prioritizes the fostering of a supportive and dynamic culture.

Zipline was recognized for the third consecutive time with the Best Places to Work in Central Ohio Award by Columbus Business First.

In the process of threepeating in 2019, Zipline was also awarded by Ohio Business Magazine as a Best Workplace in Ohio and by Columbus Young Professionals as a Wonderful Workplace for Young Professionals.

Reforming the workplace has been a common trope of many organizations around the country and the globe for the better part of the last ten years.

But when so many are offering a ping-pong table in the breakroom or a fridge stocked with craft beer, what makes Zipline stand out as one of the top places to work in Columbus?

It’s the pervasive attitude that customers, carriers, and employees are a valuable asset and should be treated with respect.

The company aims to improve the lives of transportation professionals and build meaningful, long-term partnerships both inside and out.

Creating valued relationships is an overarching theme that drives Zipline’s company culture and is ultimately what drives employee behavior.

It translates into a friendly and collaborative office environment that meaningfully rewards integrity and hard work that truly makes it stand out as one of the best places to work in Columbus.

What Makes Zipline One of the Best Places to Work in Columbus?

best places to work in Columbus

Zipline believes in the importance of a company culture that features a tight-knit environment that celebrates individuality and professional development.

When you walk into the office, you will immediately notice its open floor plan, which is an accurate representation of how the company likes to conduct business — transparently and collaboratively.

Zipline’s CEO Walter Lynch holds monthly “Coffee and Conversation” events for open dialogue with employees.  Business choices, goals, and performance are shared openly, and employees are encouraged to voice questions and share ideas.

Additionally, Zipline hosts office events like monthly happy hours and 4 p.m. work beers that encourage whole office participation designed to strengthen connections among employees, facilitate comradery, and relationships with co-workers.

From things like paid time off on birthdays and work anniversaries to quarterly massages, Zipline also aims to have its people strike the right work/life balance.

In addition, employees are encouraged to maintain healthy habits as the company provides gym access and monthly fitness class opportunities along with weekly in-office yoga. Leadership believes in maintaining a holistic approach to employee well-being.

Continued Logistics Education at Zipline

The company supports employee development by meaningfully investing time and finances to their causes and goals.

Leadership does so by allocating substantial resources to training. In addition to a 4-week onboarding and education program, Zipline holds regular workshops, known as “Training 2.0”, to reinforce important topics and office procedures. These are often focused on industry updates or legislation and can also be spurred by employee requests.

Employees are also given the opportunity to obtain professional accreditation to further their skillsets across the industry. The company pays for certifications like Certified Transportation Broker and provides membership to influential industry and community associations.

Team members are also encouraged to move laterally within the organization. This can be across dissimilar departments within the company. Wherever someone has a passion, they are encouraged to explore it.

“When you work at a fast-growing company, new opportunities can present themselves,” said Zipline Strategic Pricing Manager Chad Thurkettle. “Our partnership has an open-door policy, which allows employees to bring new ideas to them, sometimes in the form of a position that no one knew was needed. Working here truly offers you a wide array of opportunities whether it is a lateral move within the company, a newly created position, or an advancement.”

Zipline wants its employees to take control of their own success and identify the skills they feel are most valuable. Given autonomy to forge their own career paths, Zipline finds that employees are highly engaged and invested in the success of the company.

Valuing Contribution through the Innovation Lab

One of the most distinctive aspects of Zipline’s culture comes from the way it values employee contributions.

Zipline has a dynamic Innovation Lab. All employees are encouraged to submit ideas for process improvements and office tweaks.

Zipline actively reviews and pursues suggestions. The executive team evaluates submissions on a monthly basis and moves ideas quickly through an “innovation queue.” Employees who submit ideas that are moved into implementation are recognized and rewarded.

During its first year, in 2018, more than 150 ideas were submitted.  At the end of 2019, 83 of these ideas have been moved forward or are actively in development.

Maintaining Top Places to Work in Columbus Standards in the Face of Growth  

To the co-founders of Zipline, maintaining culture is more important than overly rapid growth. Management believes that fostering a family-feel and building strong employee relationships are essential to Zipline’s success.

Despite increasing its customer base by 62% and growing its revenue by 210% over the past five years, Zipline maintains its core belief set and is not interested in diluting its values.

Zipline’s celebrated and awarded company culture is not the result of a singular event or belief. It is the amalgamation of many pieces that combine to make the 3PL one of the top places to work in Columbus.

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