Zipline Love Stories: Data-Driven Results from our Favorite Customers

Zipline Logistics is proud to be the only third-party logistics company exclusively servicing the consumer-packaged goods sector. We rely on our world-class team of retail transportation experts, state-of-the-art shipper intelligence tools, and uniquely qualified carrier network to eliminate out-of-stocks and maximize our clients’ gross profit. 

Our processes are built specifically to resolve the most critical logistics challenges faced by consumer-packaged goods brands shipping into retail. We tailor strategies to reduce overall spend, optimize retail performance, and win our clients shelf space over their competitors. 

Of course, every broker is going to tell you about how great they are. But good news for us, we have 16 years’ worth of customer success stories to back up our value proposition. Here are some examples of some challenges our customers have faced, and the results after working with Zipline Logistics. 


Evidence of Expertise 

Zipline Logistics’ Retail Specialization Eliminates Late Arrivals, Damaged Product, and Transportation Overspend for Isik Organic 

Challenge: During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Isik was dealing with carriers arriving late to delivery appointments, products being damaged while in transit, and keeping transportation costs within budget. 

Results: Over the course of the first two years working together, Zipline has eliminated virtually all of these issues for Isik. Their OTIF has improved and their transportation costs have gone down considerably. 

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Network Analysis Leads to $1.2 Million in Transportation Savings 

Challenge: Zipline’s customer was originally spending upwards of $5.5 million for U.S. domestic transportation each year for roughly 7,000 shipments. Without full visibility into its U.S. network, overseas offices were shipping ingredients to out-of-network distribution centers. This led to the servicing of orders more than 1,000 miles away when much closer facilities existed. Looking to partner with a proven service provider, they asked Zipline for an in-depth network analysis. 

Results: Zipline’s customer was able to streamline their U.S. domestic transportation and improve communication with overseas offices through the network analysis: 

  • $1.2+ million in potential savings identified 
  • 16 fewer outbound locations suggested 
  • $170.98 expected savings per load on average 
  • 120 fewer projected miles traveled per order on average 
  • 861,908 fewer projected miles traveled overall 
  • 30% increase in network efficiency 

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 Marzetti Dramatically Increases OTIF Score

Challenge: T. Marzetti was struggling to meet delivery deadlines and as a result, experiencing heavy retail compliance fines and damaged relationships with their retail partners. 

Results: T. Marzetti’s OTIF score was in the mid-80’s when they started working with Zipline. One year later, their OTIF score was up to 94%. Before Zipline, Marzetti felt alone in putting out fires and educating their partners on the impacts of not meeting retail expectations. Whereas with Zipline, these issues were immediately met with proactive communication that led to quick solutions. 

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Soda Company Improves On-Time Delivery by 17% 

Challenge: A soda company was growing extremely fast and struggled to consistently meet retail compliance standards. They were processing 50+ pickups per week and dealing with massive dock congestion and delays. Their previous 3PL was consistently late to pick up scheduled transfers, dropping orders, and not communicating delays or offering solutions. 

Results: Leveraging KanoPI and implementing a new, data-driven logistics strategy, Zipline helped the soda brand regain control of its supply chain. Zipline facilitated increased appointment flexibility, order visibility, and cross-departmental communication, allowing the soda brand to better service its customers and improve relations with retail buyers. This client’s on-time performance improved by nearly 17%. 

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Fever Tree & Brand Passport Partner with Zipline to Optimize Supply Chains and Streamline Operations 

Challenge: Both Fever Tree and Brand Passport needed a logistics service provider that could meet a wide range of transportation needs while identifying new supply chain efficiencies and showcasing true partnership. 

Results: Zipline Logistics went above and beyond to provide knowledge, data, and recommendations that helped streamline operations for Fever Tree and Brand Passport. Invested in customer success, Zipline fully managed orders, optimizing along the way and involving the customer on an exception-management basis. Zipline built trust, provided peace of mind, and helped both brands solve their logistics challenges. 

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Be Well Nutrition Relies on Zipline’s Managed Transportation to Ensure Delivery Performance 

Challenge: The relationship between Zipline Logistics and Mariah Nguyen, COO of Be Well Nutrition, Inc., began about ten years ago when Nguyen was working for Vita Coco. Nguyen enjoyed Zipline’s people and service so much that she carried the relationship to the next four companies she worked with.   

Results: Iconic Protein, Be Well’s line of protein beverages, powders, and coffee, has relied on Zipline as its exclusive transportation broker since 2018. Zipline manages both procurement of ingredients and LTL & FTL customer order fulfillment. Zipline has offered this client a competitive advantage through in-depth freight analyses, resulting in both time and cost savings. 

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Evans Food Group Lowers Per-Pallet Cost by 20% Through Consolidation 

Challenge: Evans Food Group needed proactive ways to cut costs and improve supply chain efficiencies throughout its supply chain. Their goal was to minimize LTL shipments, lower costs, increase overall production efficiency, improve dock utilization, and allow for more flexibility overall. 

Results: Solution consultants at Zipline Logistics developed an on-site order consolidation program that successfully reduced LTL utilization and lowered costs per pallet by 20%. The adoption of a managed transportation solution and EDI order tendering technology also enabled Evans Food Group to greatly improve internal efficiencies and gain more visibility into its supply chain. 

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Join the Zipline Family  

Zipline love stories are always in the making. The real Zipline experience is reflected by our numbers, too:    

  •  95% on-time in-full average for appointments    
  • World-class customer satisfaction score ranking 5 times the industry average   
  • National network of 38,000+ hand-picked carriers vetted to haul retail goods specifically   


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